We the gardening team have had a difficult time over the last couple of years trying to keep on top of the Church garden. This year has been particularly hard due to the weather, and not been able to spend the time needed in the garden due to other commitments and the fact that we are getting older.So decisions have been made and fingers crossed they will work and make it a bit easier.

We have taken out a lot of shrubs by the steps of church and put bark down.To the grass bed and area to the side of church we have continued the theme. The two beds near the entrance to the garden lots of shrubs have gone, thanks to Tim Stewart, and hopefully by the time you read this the new beds will be completed. We have taken out ,divided and replanted under the tree, and put gravel down. The area by the wall on the lawn side we have emptied and we are not going to replant there.We have decided to keep the area known as The Memorial Garden as it is.

Next year we will remove a lot of plants from the long border running the length of the car park, and put some form of mulch down to make it easier to weed.We need a new fence panel as someone reversed into it ,that may have to wait till next year too.

If these changes don’t work and I pray they do , it might mean the garden goes back to being a wilderness,and I would hate that to happen. A big thank you to Clive who cuts the grass down the side of Church, and also along with Phil cuts the two front lawns. Thank- you to the Garden Team who have put in a tremendous amount of work time and energy into the garden over the last 11 years.