It is hard to believe that we are in August already, and how much the garden has changed since the Spring. A big thank you to Christine and Phil who donated and planted lots of bulbs, giving the garden a lot of colour. The Magnolia planted in memory of Betty Crooks has really started to flourish, and it is lovely as it flowers around Bettys birthday. I think for me the stars of the Spring garden has been the Cherry Blossom Trees in the memorial garden, they have been stunning.

The two areas near the fencing at the front of church have some new shrubs, and we have put bark down. I hope it has improved the look of the garden and should make it easier to look after. The border down the side of the grass and in front of the little wall we have planted with geraniums and cosmos and the shades of pink and red have worked well.

We are a very small team of gardeners so it was lovely when Margaret said she would like to join us, and it wasn’t long before she was down on her knees weeding. After some thought we decided to enter The Starbeck Garden Competition, we have to wait till September to know how we have done, so watch this space. The gardening team hope you enjoy the garden and take a few minutes to have a look around, you never know what you might see. A big thank you to all the team, for their time and hard work.

Keep Gardening.