Starbeck Methodist Church is home to a number of groups. There’s something for everyone, so why not take a look at the groups below – and get in touch.

Badminton Club

The Badminton Club meets on Thursdays at 2pm to 4pm. New members are welcomed and should anyone wish to know more about the club, please speak to Ken Redshaw.
Commencing of 6th May we will also meet on Fridays from 2pm to 4pm.
For more detail speak to Ken Redshaw

Coffee Shop

Every Saturday 9.30 to 11.30 – Everyone is welcome. Click here for the list of groups.

Knit ‘n’ Natter at Park Grove and Starbeck

Meet at 1:30pm on the first and third Monday afternoon of each calendar month (term time only – please see Church Notices)

Please bring your own knitting or help us with one of our Group Projects.

Starbeck Methodist Circle

Below are the meetings for September to December. All are welcome to our meetings, which are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.30p.m. in the Wharfedale room at the church. Guest fee is £2.50, which includes refreshments.

4 September: Open Arms Malawi
Presentation by Ms Jasmine Leitao on behalf of this charity.

16 October: AGM and faith supper
Please bring a small plate of savouries/sweet to share for the supper following the short AGM.
Also note the later date this month of our meeting.

6 November: Presentation by Mr John Holroyd
on ‘Canals and Waterways’.

4 December: Christmas celebration

Best wishes
Ann Abbott

Luncheon Club

The Course Lunch for £4 every Tuesday at 12 Noon. For anyone interested, they do not have to be a church member, the only stipulation is that they are single, a widow or a widower. Also, if anyone would like to be a helper (on a rota system) we would be only too please for assistance.

Contact for either Diners or Helpers: Chris Thomas.

Prayer Group

Every Monday Evening at 7.30pm and Wednesday morning 8.45am in the church lounge. Come and witness the power of prayer and be the witness of prayer in this place. An opportunity to get together and pray for our Community, Church, Friends and Families.

Tea ‘n’ Chat

Tea, cake, chat and plenty of fun.

All over 60’s are invited to join us, men, women, non Church people for a social afternoon. There will be a minimum donation of £1 to help cover the costs. We will meet on the second Monday of the month as before starting on June 12th at 1.30pm until about 3.30pm. There are leaflets in the Porch with details of dates. So we are looking forward to seeing you on: Monday June 12th, 10th July, 14th August, 11th September, 9th October, 13th November and 11th December.

If anyone wants any other information then please speak to Aline or Keith.