All We Can


All We Can is an international development and relief organisation, working to see every person’s potential fulfilled. Focussed on serving the world’s most marginalised communities, All We Can is rooted in the Christian faith.

All We Can works through partnership alongside our global neighbours most impacted by disasters, poverty and injustice to enable flourishing and resilient communities.

Change Begins with a Bicycle

In many countries children are expected to do a lot of chores before they go to school and often have to walk 2miles to get there. Because of the chores they are often late and the School gates have been closed to them. With a bicycle they can still do the chores and be at school in plenty of time for their lessons. They want to learn, they hope to become teachers or nurses.

This year’s appeal is supporting villages in Uganda, and girl’s like Nawalat. She is the eldest child and must help her widowed mother and siblings
at home before school.

Nawalat’s Story

For people like Moses, a bicycle is more than just a means of transport – it’s a way to break the cycle of poverty. Please take a look at the video below to find out more.

Please support this appeal and give generously to help others like her. If you feel able there is a form on the envelope to donate a regular gift to All We Can to help more children like Nawalat achieve their dreams.

Thank you in advance

Keep Safe and God Bless you all
– Aline & Keith (All We Can co-ordinators)