On Wednesday, 24 June, 1931 the new Methodist Chapel in Starbeck was opened, the separate Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist congregations uniting fifteen months before the national union of the three main Methodist denominations.


Methodism was present in the wider local area before 1800. (A Wesleyan chapel at Forest Lane Head only closed when Starbeck got its own in the 1880’s) Starbeck itself did not develop until the second half of the nineteenth century following the arrival of the railway.

By the turn of the twentieth century there were well-established Primitive Methodist (1879) and Wesleyan (1889) chapels, the former on the corner of Albert Place, the latter still standing as the library in The Avenue.

So it was that the church was opened on 24th June, 1931. At the Primitive Methodist June Quarterly Meeting, the Superintendent made a special appeal to the Starbeck society to take fullest advantage of their new opportunity to realise the spiritual ideal of Methodist Union.

It was now up to the merged congregations to further the work of Methodism in the community. In June 2011 we celebrated 80 years of Worship and fellowship in this building.

Starbeck Methodist Church in the 21st Century


Our church community has over 140 members plus many friends who are regular visitors for worship on a Sunday morning.

We are a truly “all age” diverse and accepting community with a strong Junior Church and crèche. Our Sunday morning service is up-to-date and we use a blend of new and traditional worship songs/hymns, projection technology.

Our church is not the building – it is just one of the places that we meet. Our building provides a focus for worship and fellowship but we also meet in our own homes and elsewhere for friendship and Bible study.

Rev Lesley Taylor

Our church offers everyone the chance to make friends and find meaning to life through Jesus Christ. We aim to offer space, time and teaching for individuals and groups to explore what the Bible has to say about the important questions of life today. Our church is a place that values and provides values for children and young people whilst appreciating and respecting folk of all ages.

We have activities throughout the week that cater for all ages from young to old. Our church is committed to reaching out to make more followers of Jesus Christ and being a good neighbour in our community.