All We Can Campaign

2nd September 2020 0

In many countries children are expected to do a lot of chores before they go to school and often have to walk 2miles to get there… Read More…

Minister’s Blog

10th March 2020 0

I look back at my journal on the days when I first arrived, with both an excitement and trepidation for what was ahead in Circuit life. I remember being sat on the bench in the High Street opposite Starbeck Methodist Church, watching everyone leaving Sunday morning worship… Read More…

Leprosy Mission Walk 2019

23rd August 2019 0

The Leprosy Mission walk went really well and was enjoyed by all. The walkers were: Pauline and Sheila from St Andrew’s, Ken, Clive, Heather, Chris and Phil, Rev Ann, me and my grandson Dillon. It was really hot but fortunately Read More…

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